La banque rbc en direct rbc royal sign in RBC Placements en Direct Inc.*, RBC Dominion valeurs mobilières Inc. et Banque Royale du Canada sont des entités juridiques distinctes et affiliées. RBC Placements en Direct Inc. ne fournit pas de conseils en placement ou de recommandations concernant l’achat ou la vente de valeurs mobilières. Des outils de gestion des fonds en ligne qui facilitent les activités de votre entreprise RBC Express. RBC Express est un outil d’opérations bancaires en ligne spécialisé qui vous permet de contrôler vos liquidités, qui vous donne des renseignements sur vos opérations bancaires et qui vous offre la sécurité dont votre entreprise a besoin, que vous soyez chez vous ou ailleurs dans le.

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function(e){function c(c)function d()var f=,a=,t=,r=[];function n(c)n.e=function(e){var c=[];a[e]? If you want to exchange more than $10,000, please sign in to Online Banking to see the most accurate rate. This quick and easy Foreign Exchange tool shows you what your currency is worth today, so you can know the value of the funds you have. Or have extra USD on hand and want to convert it back? You can exchange up to $25,000 at a time between your RBC Royal Bank (Canadian) and RBC Bank (U. S.) accounts when you’re signed in to Online Banking. Give us a call at The rates provided are for information purposes only, and may not be reflective of rates in the market at the time of inquiry. Foreign exchange rates are subject to change at a moment's notice. Although timely rates may be obtained by contacting a local RBC Royal Bank branch, rates can only be guaranteed at the time the purchase or sale is conducted. Advance notice may be required to obtain some currencies. Rbc chinese line rbc verdun This guarantee is given by Royal Bank of Canada in connection with its Online and Mobile Banking services. Cardholders are not liable for losses resulting from circumstances beyond their control provided they have taken reasonable precautions to protect their Client Card and PIN if applicable as set out in the Client Card Agreement. RBC Canada、RBC Wallet,RBC Rewards 及RBC eGift均由加拿大皇家银行运营。RBC Online Banking网上理财及Telephone Banking电话理财服务均由加拿大皇家银行提供。需支付讯息及数据的标准收费。通过网上理财服务支付账单或转账资金,可能需缴付交易费用,并与服务费用分开计算。 View your account details and transaction history for the last seven years. You can also set up and receive RBC Alerts about your banking activity and available RBC Offers. It’s a breeze to move money to your savings account, pay down your credit card, loan or credit line, or make a payment on your mortgage Easily access your RBC Royal Bank credit cards and credit lines. View your balance and available credit, make payments, apply for a new credit line or request a limit increase. Stay on top of your mortgage and loan details including your outstanding balance, interest rate and payment details. You can also skip a payment or make a double-up or lump sum payments on your mortgage. Track your RBC Royal Bank investments, RBC Direct Investing and RBC Dominion Securities accounts in one convenient place. Plus, contribute to your RRSP, renew GICs, buy RBC Mutual Funds and get personalized investment advice with My Advisor. Purchase foreign cash 24/7 through RBC Online Banking and pick it up at any of the 1,200 RBC branches in Canada. Have a question about your accounts or a recent transaction? Send us a message through our Secure Message Centre and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours. It’s a secure and convenient way to reach a helpful RBC representative. Purchase insurance coverage for your RBC loans, mortgages or credit cards or get travel insurance coverage for your next trip. When you bank online - or even with your mobile phone - you can easily check your balances, view your transactions or statements, pay bills and transfer funds at any time – wherever and whenever it’s convenient for you. And when you use RBC Online Banking, you also have access to my Finance Tracker – an online money management tool that automatically categorizes your expenses, letting you track your spending, set savings targets and create a budget in minutes. Online Banking is also an extremely safe and secure way to bank, so you can be confident your money is protected at all times. As a personal banking client you'll need your RBC Royal Bank Client Card or credit card to enrol. If you are an automotive finance, mortgage, credit line, Homeline, loan or investment client, you’ll need your account number and transit number. If you’d like to enrol your business account for Online Banking, you’ll need your RBC Royal Bank Business Client Card. Before you can make bill payments in Online Banking, you'll need to set up a list of payees. Sign in to Online Banking and select the "Manage Payees" option from the Accounts Summary page. You can then choose “Add Payee” in the left side menu and follow the instructions. To make a payment online: Whether you're at home or away you can arrange to have payments and transfers made at a predetermined frequency or specified dates. Simply specify the amount and how often you want the transfers to occur (such as once a week, every 2 weeks or once a month). RBC Direct Investing Inc.*, RBC Dominion Securities Inc.* and Royal Bank of Canada are separate corporate entities which are affiliated. does not provide investment advice or recommendations regarding the purchase or sale of any securities. Investors are responsible for their own investment decisions. RBC Direct Investing is a business name used by RBC Direct Investing Inc. For a definition of an unauthorized transaction and for full details regarding the protections and limitations of the RBC Digital Banking Security Guarantee, please see your Electronic Access Agreement for personal banking clients, and the Client Card Agreement and the Master Client Agreement for business clients. This guarantee is given by Royal Bank of Canada in connection with its Online and Mobile Banking services. Cardholders are not liable for losses resulting from circumstances beyond their control provided they have taken reasonable precautions to protect their Client Card and PIN (if applicable) as set out in the Client Card Agreement. Formerly known as the RBC Online Banking Security Guarantee. Please note that each payment to a third party from your RBC Royal Bank credit card account is treated as a cash advance (up to your available credit and daily limits) and is subject to the standard annual interest rate applicable to your credit card account, from the day the cash advance is posted until the balance is paid in full. A $3.50 cash advance fee/transaction applies and will be charged to your credit card account. Maximum transaction limits may apply and are subject to change. If paying from a Royal Credit Line regular interest charges apply. Availability of the money will depend on the time when it is sent from RBC Royal Bank or RBC Bank. S.) account transaction history until the following day but will reflect the date of transfer. The products, services and securities referred to on this web site are only available in Canada and other jurisdictions where they may be legally offered for sale. The information on this web site should not be construed as an offer by RBC Dominion Securities to sell specific securities in any jurisdiction outside of Canada. An excess debit transaction fee may also apply depending on the deposit account used for purchase. If you purchase foreign cash using your credit card the transaction is treated as a Cash Advance. This means that Cash Advance fees apply and interest is charged from the date of your foreign cash purchase. The foreign exchange rate is final at the time you make the purchase. Depending on the branch you have chosen for pick-up, you can expect it to take anywhere from 3-10 business days to arrive at the bank. In most cases you can expect the cash to arrive in 3 business days. Maximum transaction limits may apply and are subject to change. Availability of the money will depend on the time when it is sent from RBC Royal Bank or RBC Bank. S.) account transaction history until the following day but will reflect the date of transfer. The Credit View Dashboard information is provided by Trans Union for educational purposes and is not intended to provide you with financial advice. We do not review or use Credit View Dashboard information, and Credit View Dashboard information cannot be interpreted as credit approval. As such, Royal Bank of Canada is not liable for any decision you make based on Credit View Dashboard information. For help with your financial needs and financial advice, please talk to us. In order for you to access the Credit View Dashboard, we must share your name, address and date of birth with Trans Union each time you click on the "View Your Credit Score" link in Online Banking. 即使您没有或仅有资料不足的加拿大信贷记录,只要符合加拿大皇家银行的所有资格要求及信贷准则,并于信贷资料库上没有不良记录,您仍可能合资格申请RBC皇家银行住宅房屋贷款或RBC Homeline Plan备用信贷计划内的房贷。所有住宅房屋贷款及借贷产品均由加拿大皇家银行提供,并受其标准放款规则限制。适用于在加拿大未满5年的永久居民。临时居民也可以申请。您必须出示加国入境证明及提供相关文件,如护照及移民入境纸(工作许可证/签证),或加拿大永久居民卡,方可享有这些优惠。可能需要额外文件,以核实来自另一个国家的首期付款资金。开设RBC No Limit Banking账户或RBC VIP Banking账户,将获豁免首十二个月的月费。之后,将需收取月费:RBC No Limit Banking账户的月费为$10.95,而RBC VIP Banking账户的月费则为$30.00。对于RBC VIP Banking账户,必须在开户后20天内存入$10,000加元,方合资格享此推广优惠。可能需要支付其他账户交易费用。豁免首十二个月月费的优惠,可能会被任何当时适用于RBC No Limit Banking或RBC VIP Banking账户的优惠取代。只适用于新移民;请参阅备注1的资格要求。请查看适用于此推广优惠的全部条款与细则(英文)扣账交易是指从账户中提取款项,当中包括协办交易及电子自助交易在内。RBC Virtual Visa Debits、RBC皇家银行贷款还款、RBC皇家银行房屋贷款供款、预先授权及自助式的RBC皇家银行信用卡还款、为RBC 投资账户(如担保投资证、皇家互惠基金、注册储蓄计划、注册教育储蓄计划、残障人士注册储蓄计划及免税储蓄账户)供款,以及从您的储蓄账户转账至任何您名下账户的电子自助交易,均为免费。从任何储蓄账户进行的所有其他扣账交易,均算入账户所包括的扣账交易次数内;若有任何超过每月免费扣账交易次数的交易,将收取超额扣账交易费用(Excess Debit Transaction Fee)。从您的RBC Day to Day Banking 账户、U. Personal Account、Leo’s Young Savers 账户或 RBC Student Banking 账户进行RBC Virtual Visa Debits、第三方付款扣账、RBC 皇家银行贷款还款、RBC皇家银行房屋贷款供款、预先授权及自助式的RBC皇家银行信用卡还款,以及为RBC 投资账户(如担保投资证、皇家互惠基金、注册储蓄计划、注册教育储蓄计划、残障人士注册储蓄计划及免税储蓄账户)供款,均为免费。从这些账户进行的所有其他扣账交易,均算入账户所包括的每月免费扣账交易次数内;若超过每月免费扣账交易总次数,将收取超额扣账交易费用(Excess Debit Transaction Fee)。International Money Transfer国际汇款的每次交易费用为$13.50加元。也视乎账户而定,或需收取超额扣账交易费用。任何中介机构及收款银行均可能会收取额外服务费。每位客户每天最高金额为$2,500加元或等同币值。您只能从加元银行账户进行汇款。此服务不适用于身在加拿大及实施管制国家的收款人。您不能从美元账户或RBC High Interest e Savings账户进行International Money Transfer国际汇款。您的申请表格须经本行批准,方可获得20,000分额外RBC Rewards奖赏积分。一经登记,该20,000分额外RBC Rewards奖赏积分将呈现于阁下的首张信用卡结单上。额外积分优惠只向账户上商务主卡持有人(Primary Business Cardholder)提供;商务附属卡持有人(Secondary Business Cardholder),以及于优惠有效期内的现有RBC Visa Business Platinum Avion信用卡持有人,并不合资格享此优惠。此优惠或不能连同或结合任何其他优惠一起使用。即使您已接纳此优惠,RBC皇家银行仍保留随时取消此优惠的权利。只适用于在2020年4月1日至2020年9月30日推广期(Promotional Period)内,开设RBC Advantage 账户、RBC No Limit Banking账户、RBC Signature No Limit Banking账户或RBC VIP Banking账户,即“合资格个人银行账户”(Eligible Personal Banking Account),而成为RBC客户的新移民(请参阅上述备注*的新移民资格要求)。International Money Transfer(IMT)国际汇款的交易费回赠,将于账户开设日起的12个月内提供,RBC No Limit Banking及RBC Signature No Limit Banking账户持有人每月最多2次交易(共24次 IMT交易)享有回贈,而RBC VIP Banking账户持有人则每月最多3次交易(共36次IMT交易)享有回赠。回赠将于合资格IMT交易后的45天内,退还至该合资格个人银行账户。 无论新移民在推广期内开设了多少个合资格个人银行账户,此优惠只适用于每位新移民在推广期内所开设的首个个人银行账户。如果开设的首个个人银行账户并非合资格个人银行账户,即使之后开设了合资格个人银行账户,也不能享受该优惠。但假若在开设非合资格账户后30天内,将首个非合资格账户升级至合资格个人银行账户,则可享受该优惠;前提是,该非合资格账户需在推广期内,成功开设并升级至合资格个人银行账户。推广期内,只限一个开设的合资格个人银行账户能享受该优惠,即使合资格个人银行账户为联名开设,而共同拥有人有不止一名新移民亦可。在这种情况下,只有开设联名合资格个人银行账户时,指定为主要拥有人(Primary Owner)的共同拥有人,方合资格享受此推广优惠(Promotional Offer)。该合资格个人银行账户须维持有效及记录良好,方可获此回赠。如果该合资格个人银行账户降级为不合资格账户或停用,推广优惠将随着降级或停用而即时取消,未获回赠的交易将不会入账。 须经信贷批核。 直至下列其中一种情况出现之前(以先出现者为准),您将可继续享有年费回赠﹕i)您取消您的合资格银行账户,或ii)到达您开设合资格银行账户时,所提供的预计毕业年份(Expected Graduation Year)。此后,您便不能继续获得年费回赠。 假设由于某种原因,您在开设合资格银行账户时所提供的预计毕业年份,与您在信用卡申请表所填写的不相符,则以您开设合资格银行账户时所提供的预计毕业年份为准,并以此作为计算这项优惠的有效限期。 附属卡持有人并不符合优惠资格。每个合资格银行账户只许一张信用卡获得年费回赠。这意味着,即使合资格银行账户的主要及共同拥有人均为合资格信用卡(Eligible Credit Card)的主卡持有人,也只有合资格账户的主要拥有人能享有信用卡年费回赠。 须经信贷批核。作为RBC VIP Banking(VIP)账户的唯一或联名拥有人,以及下列其中一张合资格信用卡的主卡持有人,只要您的信用卡维持记录良好,而您仍保持VIP账户拥有人的身份,您便可每年获得该合资格信用卡的全数或部分年费回赠(如下所示)。此外,只要该合资格信用卡维持记录良好,而您仍保持VIP账户拥有人的身份,附属卡持有人的年费也同样每年获得全数或部分回赠(如下所示)。每个VIP账户只许一张信用卡获得年费回赠;这意味着,即使您拥有一个VIP联名账户,而每位共同拥有人又是一张合资格信用卡的主卡持有人,也只有该VIP账户的主要拥有人,才有资格获得这笔信用卡年费回赠。有其他条件及限制。各合资格信用卡可享有的回赠为:(i)RBC Avion Visa Infinite Privilege信用卡可获部分年费回赠,主卡持有人为$120,共同申请人则为$50;而(ii) 下列任何信用卡的主卡持有人及附属卡持有人(共同申请人及获授权使用人士)均享有全数年费回赠:RBC Visa Infinite Avion、RBC Visa Platinum Avion、RBC Rewards Visa Preferred、RBC U. Dollar Visa Gold、RBC British Airways Visa Infinite、RBC Cathay Pacific Visa Platinum、RBC Cash Back Preferred World Elite Mastercard及West Jet RBC World Elite Mastercard 。RBC VIP Banking账户可供额外选择多达两个加元存款账户及一个美元存款账户,两者均可获豁免月费。可选加元账户包括RBC Day to Day Banking、RBC Enhanced Savings及RBC Day to Day Savings账户;可选美元账户则只限U. Personal Account。请注意:由于系统限制,所有账户须为客户在同一地理位置或区域开设,以便确认属于同一组合。如有任何问题,请与您所属分行接洽。您为在加拿大首次创业而开设合资格企业存款账户,即可获赠$50,该款项将于90天内存入您新的企业存款账户。合资格企业存款账户包括:RBC Digital Choice Business账户组合、RBC Flex Choice Business账户组合及RBC Ultimate Choice账户组合。此优惠只适用于在加拿大5年或更短时间的新移民所注册的加国小型企业。此优惠不能连同任何其他优惠一起使用。该账户必须从开户日期起计,维持有效最少6个月。若该账户在6个月内关闭,加拿大皇家银行保留全数收回现金扣账额的权利。RBC可以随时修订或取消此优惠,恕不另行通知。此优惠只适用于在加拿大5年或更短时间的新移民所注册的加国小型企业。此优惠不能连同任何其他优惠一起使用。该账户必须从开户日期起计,维持有效最少6个月。若该账户在6个月内关闭,加拿大皇家银行保留全数收回现金扣账额的权利。RBC可以随时修订或取消此优惠,恕不另行通知。RBC Mobile由加拿大皇家银行、皇家银行优惠证券公司(RBC Direct Investing Inc. )及RBC多美年证券公司(RBC Dominion Securities Inc.)运营。RBC Canada、RBC Wallet,RBC Rewards 及RBC e Gift均由加拿大皇家银行运营。RBC Online Banking网上理财及Telephone Banking电话理财服务均由加拿大皇家银行提供。需支付讯息及数据的标准收费。通过网上理财服务支付账单或转账资金,可能需缴付交易费用,并与服务费用分开计算。 ATM自动柜员机 ― 于加拿大境外使用 每次于加拿大境外有PLUS System标志的ATM自动柜员机,从账户所提取的现金,以及使用ATM自动柜员机时可能由第三方征收的任何费用,均会折算为加元,而汇率将按照该付款卡公司于处理交易时所设定之基准汇率调高2.5%。汇率会出现波动,因此,所用的汇率通常都与交易时所公布的汇率不同。 ATM自动柜员机 ― 每月周期内退还3次从其他银行ATM自动柜员机提款的费用 可能会收取ATM自动柜员机营运商附加费(又称“手续费”)。这项费用由第三方收取,并直接加到您提取的现金款额上。总数不可累计,而尚未使用的次数也不能带入下一个每月周期(Monthly Cycle)。 ATM自动柜员机 ― 无限次理财交易,包括免除Interac及PLUS System网络费用 其他ATM自动柜员机营运商可能会收取ATM自动柜员机营运商附加费(又称“手续费”)。此手续费并非一项皇家银行费用,并将直接加到您提取的现金款额上。所有使用非RBC ATM自动柜员机的客户,无论持有哪种账户,都可能要缴付这笔手续费。 如经使用,RBC将会向RBC Signature No Limit Banking账户持有人退还Interac网络使用费,每月周期最多可达3次。如经使用,RBC将会向RBC VIP Banking账户持有人退还Interac网络使用费。其他ATM自动柜员机营运商可能会收取ATM自动柜员机营运商附加费(又称“手续费”)。此手续费并非一项RBC费用。这项费用将直接加到您提取的现金款额上。所有使用非RBC ATM自动柜员机的客户,无论持有哪种账户,都可能要缴付这笔手续费。阁下将可赚取下列现金回赠:i) 凡食品杂货店购物(Grocery Store Purchases),每签账$100.00,可获$2.00回赠(即2%现金回赠扣账额),直至购物达到每年度期间(Annual Period)的上限$6,000为止;ii) 在某年度期间,食品杂货店购物超过$6,000后,每签账$100.00,则可获$1.00回赠(即1%现金回赠扣账额),并且不设上限; iii) 非食品杂货店购物,每$100.00的净签账额(包括预先授权付款),可获$0.50回赠(即0.5%现金回赠扣账额),直至购物达到每年度期间的上限$6,000为止;以及iv) 在某年度期间,非食品杂货店购物超过$6,000后,每$100.00的净签账额(包括预先授权付款),则可获$1.00回赠(即1%现金回赠扣账额),并且不设上限。“食品杂货店购物”是指在Master Card的“商户类别代码”(Merchant Category Code)中,被界定为“食品杂货店及超级市场”(MCC 5411)的商号购物。加拿大皇家银行(“皇家银行”)不能保证,任何在整体上或部分以食品杂货店形式经营的商户乃归属MCC 5411类别;而且,在任何情况下,皇家银行对于在非MCC 5411类商户,所进行的食品杂货店购物的任何索偿,概不负责或承担法律责任。欲查阅参与商户的名单,请浏览com/nofeecashback(英文)阁下将可赚取下列奖赏积分:i) 于油站、食品杂货店及药店购物,每签账$1.00,可获1分RBC Rewards奖赏积分; ii) 所有其他购物(包括预先授权账单付款),则每签账$2,可获1分RBC Rewards奖赏积分。凡于Visa的 “商户类别代码"(Merchant Category Code,简称MCC)中,被界定为:(i)“加油站” (MCC 5541)或 “自动加油机” (MCC 5542)的商号购物,即属 “油站购物” (Gas Purchases);(ii)“食品杂货店”(MCC 5411)的商号购物,即属 “食品杂货店购物” (Grocery Purchases);以及(iii)“药店及药房” (MCC 5912)的商号购物,即属 “药店购物” (Drug Store Purchases),统称为 “合资格MCC” (Eligible MCC)。即使有些商户可能也有销售汽油、食品杂货及药店商品,但假如该商户不属于Visa所界定的合资格MCC类别,在这些地点购物便未必符合有关条件。此外,您也许会在其本身并不属于合资格MCC类别,而只是位于合资格MCC商户营业场所内的商户购物;在此情况下,您的购物将不符合合资格MCC的条件。我们不能保证,任何在整体上或部分以油站、食品杂货店或药店形式经营的商户乃归属合资格MCC类别;而在任何情况下,我们对于在非合资格MCC商户,所进行的食品杂货店购物的任何索偿,概不负责或承担责任。RBC Rewards奖赏积分只能通过净签账额赚取;现金垫支、结余转移、类似现金交易,以及您与商户设定的某些非预先授权账单付款、利息收费或其他费用,一概不能赚取积分;而原付账金额所赚取的积分也会因应退货及调整而存入信用卡的款项,予以扣减或取消。在加拿大,于免税储蓄账户(Tax-Free Savings Account,简称TFSA)内赚取的收益无需课税。若作超额供款,则有罚款。但假如该加拿大居民在另一国家(例如,基于公民身分)需为其全球收入课税,这笔TFSA收益在该国家便可能并非免税。持有TFSA的美国纳税人需遵守美国的税务规定,如每年准时提交美国国税局(Internal Revenue Service,简称IRS)表格3520及3520-A。在加拿大,于注册教育储蓄计划(Registered Education Savings Plan,简称RESP)内赚取的收益可获延税。若作超额供款,则有罚款。但假如该加拿大居民在另一国家(例如,基于公民身分)需为其全球收入课税,这笔RESP收益在该国家便可能并非免税。为RESP供款的美国纳税人需遵守美国的税务规定,如每年准时提交美国国税局(Internal Revenue Service,简称IRS)表格3520及3520-A。当您使用Virtual Visa Debit付款:a)有关商户将于阁下购物时获授权动用您的个人存款账户,此授权金额会即时从该账户中扣除。一般会在授权后的2至5个工作天内进行结算程序,从而确定最终购物金额,以及在某些情况下,调整原先授权金额。若出现这种情况,原先已授权动用的数额,将会以存款调整的形式存入您的账户;然后立即以扣账调整的形式,反映您购物的最终结算金额。b)该款项会从您的个人存款账户中扣除。有关账户乃阁下于销售终端机或ATM自动柜员机上,使用RBC皇家银行客户卡(Client Card)中 “Chequing” 选项之账户。倘若您在款项结算前,更改了客户卡上设为主要支票户口的账户,而有关商户又需要调整原先授权金额的话,这笔付款的处理程序便可能会受到影响。即使当日授权金额是以另一账户扣账,最终结算金额也将会用结算时,客户卡上设为主要支票户口的账户处理。欲知更多Virtual Visa Debit的详情,请细阅您的《RBC皇家银行Virtual Visa Debit协议》(RBC Royal Bank Virtual Visa Debit Agreement)。当阁下使用RBC Business Cash Back Master Card信用卡付账时,您将可赚取下列现金回赠:i)每$100.00的净签账额(包括预先授权账单付款),可获$1.00回赠(即1%现金回赠扣账额);及ii)于首3个完整的月结单周期(约为您开户日起计的3个月),每$100.00的净签账额(包括预先授权账单付款),您将可赚取额外$1.00回赠(即1%现金回赠扣账额迎新奖赏,合共2%),直至现金回赠扣账额(Cash Back Credit)达到每年度期间(Annual Period)的总上限$650.00为止。更清晰地说,额外的$1.00现金回赠扣账额迎新奖赏仅适用于首年度期间的首3个完整月结单周期。若您的最新现金回赠结余(New Cash Back Balance)达$25或以上,该年所赚取的现金回赠扣账额将可i)自动拨入您一月份的账户结余,并呈现在您二月份的月结单上;及/或ii)按您的要求于任何其他时间存入 。现金垫支(包括余额转移、类似现金交易,以及您与商户设定的非预先授权账单付款)、利息收费或其他费用均不能赚取现金回赠扣账额;而原付账金额所赚取的现金回赠扣账额,也会因应退货及调整而扣减或取消。我们或会不时提供额外现金回赠优惠,并于优惠详情中披露有关条款与细则。欲知全部详情,请浏览com/cashbackterms(英文)欲参与此优惠,您必须拥有一张由加拿大皇家银行发出的RBC扣账卡或信用卡(不包括RBC商业信用卡)( “合资格RBC卡” )。您必须已登记RBC Online Banking网上理财,以便将您的合资格RBC卡(Eligible RBC Card)与您的Petro-Points卡绑定。两卡绑定可能需时多达2个工作天,以处理购物时适用的优惠及额外积分。每次您使用已绑定的合资格RBC卡,在Petro-Canada零售点购买任何等级的汽油(包括柴油),将于结账时每公升节省三分钱($0.03)。每年供款上限为$5,500。将来,这个限额还会随着通胀,以每$500递增。此外,您也可以把尚未使用的供款额结转到将来使用,并无时限。之前的供款上限分别是:2016年及2017年均为$5,500、2015年为$10,000、 2013及2014年均为$5,500,而2009至2012年则为每年$5,000。加拿大税务局(Canada Revenue Agency,简称CRA)将追踪您的免税储蓄账户(TFSA)供款上限;如您不确定自己的上限,请向加拿大税务局查询。作为RBC企业客户,如欲参与此优惠,您必须拥有一张由加拿大皇家银行发出的RBC 客户卡或信用卡(不包括RBC Commercial Avion、RBC Commercial U.

These Global Toll-Free numbers are accessible from 21 countries outside of North America. The “ ” sign stands for the international access code, which varies depending on the country you’re calling from. These Global Toll-Free numbers are accessible from 21 countries outside of North America. The “ ” sign stands for the international access code, which varies depending on the country you’re calling from. Please be advised that the head office locations listed below are currently closed. We ask that you send physical mail to an open branch location, or book an appointment for an advisor to call you for more options. Rbc chinese line rbc le boulevard These Global Toll-Free numbers are accessible from 21 countries outside of North America. The “+” sign stands for the international access code, which varies depending on the country you’re calling from. Please note that if you dial from a cell phone, air time charges by your local provider may apply. Please contact your Telephone. RBC Commercial Cards Program. Gain control over company expenses and insights on spending. This guarantee is given by Royal Bank of Canada in connection with its Online and Mobile Banking services. Cardholders are not liable for losses resulting from circumstances beyond their control provided they have taken reasonable precautions to protect their Client Card and PIN if applicable as set out in the Client Card Agreement. For more than a century, RBC Wealth Management has provided trusted advice and solutions to individuals, families, institutions and charitable foundations. "Having a basic understanding of how money, investing and our broader financial system works is critical in our society today. That’s good news, but with people spending decades in retirement it’s important to plan for any scenario. Put our award-winning global network to work for you. Yet there is a growing realization, particularly in the wake of the last financial crisis, that many people don't understand budgeting, investing or how simple financial products like loans work.” View profile Director of Portfolio Advisory Group, U. Equities “We continue to suggest to our investors that they maintain their asset allocation to stocks; what is comfortable to them, what makes sense from a strategic standpoint for their allocation and there are reasons for that. Our goals-based wealth planning approach brings clarity today, while helping people build confidence in the future.” View profile using Java Script to ensure the best experience through the site. If we did, the view would be quite different.” View profile Head of Wealth Planning U. Wealth Management “Americans increasingly view retirement as an exciting new chapter in life filled with possibilities. Please check to learn how to enable Java Script on your browser and enjoy the best experience.