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Customer relationship management (CRM) is a business strategy that is designed to facilitate the company’s interactions with its clientele and potential customers. The strategy is intended to increase profitability by maximizing on customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. CRM has outlived the perception that people had of it before, that it was simply a software, and has evolved into a customer centered philosophy that is used in the whole organization. A successful CRM is dependent on a people, a company’s business process, and appropriate CRM technology. For a CRM strategy to be successful, everybody within the company must support it (Burrows, 2001, para. Bolstering of a company’s CRM calls for reengineering of business processes where questions related to how the process can better serve the customer are asked. Companies must come up with the right technology that can help drive the improved process. Nevertheless, employees must be provided with the best data. If any of the listed foundations is not properly anchored into a company’s strategy, chances are that the entire CRM will crumble. CRM has myriad benefits including its capability in helping concerned business departments to learn more about its customers’ needs and behaviors. With this information, a company can develop a very strong relationship with its customers. CRM uses people, processes, and technology to get to know people’s behavior and value. This insight helps in enhancing service delivery, call center efficiency, and improved customer profiling. This helps in increasing the profitability of a business. Other benefits of CRM include helping in developing better communication channels within a company. With CRM, data containing customer information and order histories can be collected and this information can help in enhancing customer satisfaction hence profitability. The data can also be used in creating the profile of each and every customer (Burrows, 2001, para.3). The profile can touch on the preferences of customers. With a CRM strategy, a company can easily access customer history, such as the purchases they make, on a regular basis. New selling opportunities can also be identified through the use of CRM. This report will illuminate the Royal Bank of Canada’s (RBC) application of a CRM strategy. Royal Bank of Canada is the largest bank in Canada with assets worth CAN$294 billion. The bank has a massive 1300 retail branches with more than 4800 ATMs. Its personal and commercial banking customers are more than 11 million. Despite the fact that it operates point of sales terminals, it also undertakes telephone and internet banking. Its services include credit bank service provision, personal and commercial banking, wealth management services, insurance, corporate and investment banking, and global transaction processing (Tower group, 2001, para. RBC capitalizes on leveraging of economic value of customer information. The bank uses customer data to enhance its business performance and serve their clients better. The bank has since realized the importance of data warehousing and has implemented data warehousing solution. The data warehouse captures client transaction information and this enables the bank to carry out client segmentation. RBC has since come up with myriad ways to assess and manage customer relationships albeit at individual client level (RBC, 2004,). RBC’s CRM emphasizes on the need for deeper understanding of customers. The bank anticipates the needs of its customers and discourages mass marketing to huge customer segments. The above-mentioned issues form the backbone of RBC’s objectives (Burrows, 2001, para. The vision of the bank is to be their clients’ first choice bank. Its goals are to be a leading North American Bank known for provision of integrated financial services in Canada, personal and business financial services in the United States, and a renowned provider of selected global financial services. The bank’s strategic priorities include superior client experience, strong fundamentals, North American expansion, and cross enterprise leverage while its values include provision of excellent services to its clients, working together for attainment of success, personal responsibility for high performance, diversity for growth and innovation, and trust through integrity in everything they undertake to do (Burrows, 2001, para.4). RBC undertook to implement CRM to improve its customers’ experiences and their involvement with the bank. This was made possible by development of new metrics and analytical techniques that enhanced one to one service delivery. Because the company had initiated collection of customer data way back in late 70’s, the initiation of one to one to one marketing in 1992 did not prove problematic. The bank formulated a CRM strategy that had several drivers. The initiated CRM was responsive and customer focused. The bank appreciates that for it to carry out differentiation, it has to realize its CRM and build a unique tie with individual clients (Burrows, 2001, para.4). RBCs customers were first segmented in terms of profitability in 1992. This was intended to align sales and service staff and on a wider scale improve customer retention. Segmentation was largely used by marketing, credit, and branch-based staff. In the process of analyzing the profitability of each client, clients were assigned average product values, and customer bases segmented into three. New metrics were used to monitor the number of high value segment customers the bank acquired and the low value segments. Client profitability had initially been used by marketing, product management, finance, costing, risk, treasury, service delivery, and those who managed the network. It was however noted that the system was not the best for relationship pricing. Besides, the system did not provide a measure of potential value. Despite the fact that the bank’s customers had a high positive view of the bank regarding their capability to multiple access channels, it was clear from a study conducted in 1997 that its CRM was not delivering on the customers needs. Consequently, a new CRM had to be initiated that treated customers as individuals, their needs anticipated, and the value of their business reflected. In the first system, profitability measures integrated aspects of aggregation of customer transactions into general ledger, followed by apportioning of profits to various customer segments, products, and organizations. Sample profitability prototype using spread sheets had to be made to come up with a clear picture of what was needed. Other new measures included adoption of integrated tests and a learning culture that was largely driven by RBC’s data warehouse. This ensured issues touching on marketing, account decisions, credit management, customer retention, and debt recovery were robust as to satisfy the demands of the customer. Much of attention was paid on marketing and to the six life stage segments. This was undertaken through direct mailing and telemarketing. Other than the above mentioned methods through which marketing to six life stage segments was done, testing and learning were also used. This was focused on the customers as opposed to being assigned to individual product lines. The budget was managed by holding regular meetings of representatives of different channels and product groups. These meetings were supposed to decide common goals and effective ways of deploying the budget. The management process had to be changed to achieve this. The results that were achieved from direct marketing campaigns were run through the system to come up with the goals and objectives of the coming month. Having moved closer to initiating client value modeling, RBC’s major preoccupation was now how to evolve further. This called for initiation of behavioral based solutions that focused on customers and accounts. However, the process had to be very flexible as to allow profitability to be aggregated to user defined levels like product and product group, customer segment, geography, and channel (Teradata, 2004, para. RBC began collecting data from its customers as early as 1978. This has enabled them to come up with a data warehouse. RBC implemented a software application, Value Analyzer, to enhance its customer value management (CVM). With this software, RBC assessed their client value on monthly basis and this enabled them to calculate the annual total value. The software uses transactional data to produce a value metric for each account. This characteristic allows the measure to be used both at individual customer level and at every level of enterprise. One can easily aggregate to product or channel level. However, consistency has to be maintained across the bank as individual identifiers are often attached to each account or set of events used in generating base value metric. Other than the customer based profitability, the software has product related profitability. The software has also boosted RBC’s risk management efforts. RBC has since begun using a three dimensional profit metric that looks at client profitability at both transaction and account level. The three dimensional profit metric also illuminates its customer dynamics. A three dimensional metric delivers financial statements on assets, liabilities, and equity; income and expenditure; contingencies; and inter-company transfers at organizational levels. Value Analyzer did help in examination of individual transactional and event records. With the value analyzer, improved activity based cost drivers have been developed and assigned to individuals and events. Using the software, data could be obtained by examining individual transactions and event records (Burrows, 2001, para. Cross selling and up selling can build customer profitability but can at the same time impact negatively on customer satisfaction. RBC uses full suite Ernex packaged LDH that handles data management, web application, and analytical reporting services. Through upselling and cross selling, its call center staff, and channels, partners are capable of logging into their web application portal where they can access vital information on cardholders. Orders can also be entered through the web application integrated with RBC systems. RBC had the option of using CRM technologies geared towards either driving strategy or enable CRM execution. Instead, the bank chose to implement both the CRM technologies. Initial RBC’s efforts were geared towards direct mail, call centers, and branches. Because of the rise in the number of customers, the bank introduced actionable uniform customer information at touch points. Technologies that drive CRM at RBC involve gathering and mining of customer data. With this data, strategies can be executed at customer interface. Under customer interaction, one can undertake direct marketing at a call center at the branch level. The technology used at customer interaction level allows remote banking, and use of ATM. Technology that enhances customer interaction at RBC allows for segment mailing and proactive sales and services. At customer knowledge level, the CRM technology enhances campaign management, customer profile repository, customer information system, product servicing, CRM customer decisioning, third party data mining, decision support, and profitability measurement. The RBC uses both parametric and non parametric modeling techniques in analyzing data. Some of the parametric models used include genetic algorithms, neural networks, factor analysis, cluster analysis, statistical regression, and logistic regression in data analysis. Some of the software applications used by RBC include Value Analyzer which is a foundation application. One of the latest technological advancements which has been used by the bank is the three-dimensional profit metric that helps in delivering financial statements (Tower Group, 2001, para 5). The Royal Bank of Canada is fully committed to training its workforce and staff. The bank has undertaken to do this because it has realized that the onus of successful implementation of its CRM lies on a trained workforce and that CRM implementation of CRM calls for constant reinforcement. The bank has since realized that there is more in embracing a CRM business strategy than just relying on or coming up with a mission statement. Embracing a CRM strategy calls upon the employees to acknowledge it, believe it, and develop a deeper understanding of how the strategy will transform the way they do their work. Employees are therefore constantly trained to deliver a customer focused business strategy. With the CRM technologies that RBC adopted it managed to satisfy its customer’s requirements that are varied. The bank has managed to do this by recognizing that a balance has to be struck between people, technology and business processes. The technology has allowed the bank to create meaningful and appropriate sales and service strategy. The well-trained personnel that the bank boasts of plus its CRM centered business process have enabled it to have a very large client base not only in Canada but also in the United States. These, together with the banks willingness to allocate resources accordingly, have separated the bank from the rest of the pack. With the CRM, the bank’s interaction with customers has been enhanced hence consistency across all delivery channels. With data warehousing enabled by CRM technologies adopted, the bank has collected data that it has used to improve its service delivery. Some other benefits of CRM include being a premier provider of selected global services, provider of personal and business financial services, and a leading provider of integrated financial services in Canada. Some of the challenges that RBC has faced in implementing its CRM has been the large amount of data that it has (Cappel and Huang, 2007, p.118; Desbarats, 1995, p.5). This has denied users the ability of using the system to its full potential (Høegh, 2008, p.302; Høegh and Janne, 2008, p.308). "Customer Relationship Management of Royal Bank of Canada." Ivy Panda (blog), March 28, 2019. The data warehouse has large complex data that takes many hours to sort out (Pennington, 2007, p.63). Customer Relationship Management of Royal Bank of Canada [Blog post]. "Customer Relationship Management of Royal Bank of Canada." Ivy Panda (blog), March 28, 2019. "Customer Relationship Management of Royal Bank of Canada." Ivy Panda (blog), March 28, 2019. https://ivypanda.com/essays/customer-relationship-management-of-royal-bank-of-canada/. The interface is also difficult to navigate and understand (Ka-Ping, 2002). Retrieved from https://ivypanda.com/essays/customer-relationship-management-of-royal-bank-of-canada/ 1. https://ivypanda.com/essays/customer-relationship-management-of-royal-bank-of-canada/. https://ivypanda.com/essays/customer-relationship-management-of-royal-bank-of-canada/. This has limited users to areas of system that they are conversant with. Fragmented implementation can have far-reaching effects (Roy, Dewit, and Aubert, 2001, pp.389). Everyone is unhappy with their bank from time to time, but it certainly seems that some are happier than others. Scotiabank ranked the lowest of the Big 5, scoring 762. Power Canadian Retail Banking Satisfaction Study, customers of the Big 5 banks were found to be happiest at RBC Royal Bank, scoring 788 out of a 1,000-point scale. Customer satisfaction rankings were based on six factors: channel activities (like assisted online service, ABMs, call centres, mobile and online banking), communication and advice, new account opening, problem resolution and products & fees. The satisfaction with midsize banks ranged more widely, but also saw higher satisfaction for the top banks. Moving into a digital age" data-reactid="41"Moving into a digital age Digitization of the banking process has been a double-edged sword when it comes to customer satisfaction. “Digital channels give banks an enormous opportunity to reduce costs, but the risk is that those cost savings come with lower levels of customer engagement. Curiously, those customers who choose to bank online more often were less satisfied with their banks.“Canadian banks have made significant commutments to technological investments by digitizing their services and channels in recent years,” said Bob Neuhaus, Financial Services Consultant at J. However not all digital-focused banks suffered for customer satisfaction. Power’s 2018 Canadian Retail Banking Satisfaction Study)The biggest gap most consumers found was in communication. Tangerine, which is owned by Scotiabank, came out on top of midsize banks for customer satisfaction, scoring 829 out of 1,000. The preferred method of communication from banks by consumers was through email, however only about one in five of the last communications customers received was via email. 93 per cent of all of Tangerines customers are digital only customers. Overall, Canadians were found to be more self-service oriented than U. For midsize banks, Canadians were most satisfied with Scotiabank-owned Tangerine and least satisfied with Laurentian Bank of Canada, according to the J. Royal bank of canada customer service royal bank westjet mastercard Service Address; RBC Royal Bank Royal Bank of Canada RBC WaterPark Place, 16th floor 88 Queens Quay West Toronto, ON, M5J 0B8 RBC Direct Investing RBC Direct Investing Inc. Royal Bank Plaza 200 Bay Street, North Tower, P. O. Box 75 Royal Bank of Canada is a global financial institution with a purpose-driven, principles-led approach to delivering leading performance. Our success comes from the 85,000+ employees who bring our. For more than a century, RBC Wealth Management has provided trusted advice and solutions to individuals, families, institutions and charitable foundations. Put our award-winning global network to work for you. Vice President & Director, Head RBC Wealth Management Services “In a time when answers to virtually every question are just a click away, people are unfortunately ignoring the fact that opinion is not the same as reputable expertise and advice. The value of proper wealth-management guidance cannot be overstated, as it encompasses your entire financial situation at each life stage.” View profile President and CEO of RBC Royal Trust “Seniors are the fastest growing age group in Canada. In 2011, five million Canadians were 65 or older, a number that will double in the next 25 years. As this number increases along with life expectancy, so do the complexities associated with aging, including health-related issues.” View profile Chief Economist RBC Global Asset Management Inc. “In retrospect, the decision to deliver fiscal stimulus during the worst of the economic downturn was inspired. Not only have bond markets reacted well, but international evidence has also congealed around the conclusion that every dollar borrowed generated two in economic benefits. So far, so good.” View profile using Java Script to ensure the best experience through the site. Please check to learn how to enable Java Script on your browser and enjoy the best experience. Reviewing the job description and the company website will give you some direction on which qualities Royal Bank of Canada values most. Think about them within the context of the position. You can refer to the list of responsibilities within the job description as a guide. Explain how your strengths will help you to accomplish these tasks; and better yet, help you to exceed expectations. "I have exceptional attention to detail and great communication skills. I am also quick to solve problems, which helps me handle customer issues with ease. These strengths will help me to build relationships and maintain customer satisfaction." "Getting a Bachelor's Degree in Business Finance was a great experience. I especially enjoyed my accounting courses because they challenged me to think more critically and furthered my analytical skills. I know these skills will help me to handle work at Royal Bank of Canada and advise clients on important financial decisions." "The bulk of my education has been on-the-job training with my current company. They value continued education and have a tuition reimbursement program which I am happy to have taken advantage of. This year I have taken additional courses in calculus, negotiations, and building a sales pipeline. All of these courses will help me in this role with Royal Bank of Canada because you are customer service focused while also needing employees who understand banking related concepts and calculations." Think about what customer service means to you. Making the customer happy and receiving positive feedback are great examples! Royal Bank of Canada wants to hear that you treat customers with respect and are careful to resolve issues. Explain some of the elements of customer service that you possess, like empathy and patience. "I was working as a bank teller when a woman came in, upset about her account. I could tell she needed to vent and I wasn't quite sure what the actual problem was, so I listened first. Then I asked questions to figure out what was going on. She was so appreciative of me because I was able to think on my feet and troubleshoot to solve the problem quickly. She even apologized for raising her voice and thanked me for my patience." "In my current position as a bank teller, customers are encouraged to provide feedback via a survey app, after each in-branch visit. For the past three months, I have received the highest ranking for overall customer satisfaction. Delivering excellent customer service is a must for me, and I look forward to bringing this level of service to the customers at Royal Bank of Canada." Royal Bank of Canada makes it easy to find out basic company information by simply browsing their website. You can also search employee reviews to learn about experiences interviewing and working there. Share a few of the facts you learned from researching the company. "I was impressed by the variety of services you offer your customers, and the mission statement at Royal Bank of Canada. I found the mobile app extremely user-friendly, and I like the new features that help customers save money." "I've read great things about working there and I'm excited for the opportunity to work in such a fun environment. Your employee reviews are strong and I understand that you spend a lot of time with community outreach programs." In the banking industry, keeping customers calm is a much-needed skill. This is where your relaxed demeanor and ability to empathize will come in handy. Royal Bank of Canada wants to hear about a situation where you used your customer service skills to handle an angry customer. "I had a customer complain about having to wait in line for so long on a busy Monday morning. She was so upset because now she was late for work and the rest of her schedule for the day was thrown off. I listened and let her know I understood where she was coming from, ensuring her I would move as quickly as I could to complete her transaction. Listening and empathizing helped her to calm down and ease the tension." "If I were faced with an irate customer I would spend my time listening to their concerns. If things escalated to the point where the customer became threatening, I would call in a supervisor or security." 6. Tell us how you keep your knowledge current with ongoing changes in the banking industry. Due to the competition within the banking industry, Royal Bank of Canada strives to stay relevant by adapting their products and services to meet customer needs. Consider reading some news articles, press releases, or blogs, to learn more about the industry. Example #1: "I am interested in learning about helping my customers with their investments. I like to read financial blogs to stay on the cutting edge of latest trends. I also enjoy reading the latest books with a financial scope and listening to financial advice. I also follow Royal Bank of Canada on Twitter and keep abreast of relative headlines." Example #2: "I am an avid reader, and my top go-to books for banking related knowledge are A, B, and C. I also listen to a few investment-related podcasts on a weekly basis. I understand the importance of staying on top of the latest trends and news in the banking industry."7. In your opinion, what are the benefits of banking with Royal Bank of Canada? The interviewer wants to be assured that you have done your research on Royal Bank of Canada. Review their website to find out more about their products and services. Example #1: "I always have a great experience whenever I visit one of your branches. As a customer of Royal Bank of Canada I am impressed by the consistency and care of the bank tellers. I also love how easy it is to access my account online and make updates to my credit card whenever I travel. The level of service that is demonstrated in Royal Bank of Canada values is evident." Example #2: "After researching Royal Bank of Canada products, and what your customers are saying, I believe that the benefits of banking with Royal Bank of Canada include low fees, no fuss banking, and no sales pitches. The banking industry offers a variety of opportunities to those who are motivated. Your organization is genuine and has an interest far beyond the bottom line."8. Royal Bank of Canada is seeking individuals who think about the future and aspire to be successful in everything they do. Think about something you accomplished through hard work and dedication. Example #1: "Early in my career, I strived to get to know the banking and thrifts systems from a 360-degree view. I worked hard to partner with my peers in learning how their roles contributed to the whole organizational flow. I set a goal to become head teller within the first five years of working in this industry. I hope to continue that career path with Royal Bank of Canada and am excited for the opportunity to do so." Example #2: "A few years ago I set the goal to complete my Bachelor's in Finance while working full time. I achieved this in just four years, through spending a lot of time in online studies, between working as a bank teller. I am very proud of the discipline and dedication I was able to put towards this goal."9. Out of all of our products at Royal Bank of Canada, which one would you be most likely to use? Learn as much as you can about what makes Royal Bank of Canada stand out above other financial institutions. They offer a comprehensive spectrum of financial products, so if you are interested in investments, find out more about what they offer. It will impress your interviewer and give you an advantage in the interview process! Example #1: "I would be interested in opening a savings account through Royal Bank of Canada. I want to buy a house in the next two years, and I would greatly benefit from talking to one of your financial advisors about it. It's nice to know that I can do my banking, investing, and get a loan in the same place that offers the support I will need to make those big decisions! " Example #2: "Of all your products, I would be most likely to open a mortgage with Royal Bank of Canada because your rates are incredible and you make the rules surrounding lending easy to understand."10. Share some of the details of your experience in cash handling, which are relevant to the position. Example #1: "As a bank teller, I have handled cash as a part of customer transactions for the past two years. I am experienced with deposits, savings withdrawals, cashing checks and issuing traveler's checks. I am excited to learn more about Royal Bank of Canada cash handling procedures." Example #2: "The majority of my cash handling experience includes my time in retail. As far as the banking industry goes, I have some experience in handling cash from my three months with Bank XYZ."11. Give me an example of how you keep track of details while engaging in conversation. Multi-tasking is a great skill to have within the banking industry. Share a situation that demonstrates your ability to handle the daily tasks of a busy banking environment. Example #1: "A customer came into the branch with multiple requests. To ensure that I addressed each of their needs, I wrote down a few notes for myself to gather the information. This was also helpful because when I needed to answer the phone in the middle of the transaction, I didn't forget any of the important details and I was able to resolve both requests promptly. All the while, I kept the customer engaged and made sure their banking experience was enjoyable." Example #2: "To keep track of transaction details, while engaging in conversation, I will ask the customer questions or repeat what they are saying to me. This helps me to commit their needs to memory while still appearing engaged, and in the moment."12. Staying organized is essential to make sure that you are thorough and pay attention to details, to keep customers happy. It is also necessary for accomplishing your daily tasks behind the scenes. Share a few tools that have helped you stay on-task and on-time. Example #1: "I prioritize my workload against deadlines to stay organized, always putting the needs of customers first." Example #2: "I work closely with my peers to share responsibilities and ensure key tasks are delegated out, should there be an important deadline to consider."13. Tell me about a time when you demonstrated you were trustworthy. To show Royal Bank of Canada that you are reliable share an example from your work experience that is relevant to the position. Example #1: "In my last role, I was responsible for reconciling the banking at the end of the day. Last month, there was an overage, and I demonstrated my true character by reporting this to the management. Together, we partnered to research where this happened and collaborated to coach the team member who caused the error. We adjusted the accounts accordingly." Example #2: "Every successful day in the banking industry is an opportunity to show that I am trustworthy. In my five years within banking, I have never been involved in a discrepancy."14. What do you want to accomplish at Royal Bank of Canada? Set some goals so that you can share how this position at Royal Bank of Canada will help you to achieve them and how you will add value to Royal Bank of Canada along the way. Example #1: "First and foremost, I want to deliver top quality service to customers of Royal Bank of Canada and perform my responsibilities with best in class service. I want to work at Royal Bank of Canada because I want to become a financial advisor. Starting out as a professional banker will give me valuable experience resolving client account issues and providing financial assistance, from investments to savings and travel advice." Example #2: "My primary goal is to achieve a leadership position within the banking industry. To do this, I will continue my related education and take any training opportunities that come my way."15. Tell me about your experience in the banking industry. Share details of your banking experience to show Royal Bank of Canada you have what it takes to be successful in the field! Example #1: "When I worked as a bank teller, I learned how to deal with difficult customers and handle a variety of transactions, from ordering foreign money for travel to removing overdraft fees and educating customers on our products. I used my careful attention to detail to keep my drawer balanced and manage my daily tasks without error." Example #2: "I have 12 years of experience in the banking industry, first as an administrative assistant, then a bank teller, and now; a financial advisor. I have learned a great deal along the way and look forward to putting my experience to work for Royal Bank of Canada."16. Why do you want to pursue a career in the banking industry? Before your interview, take some time to think through your career goals. Royal Bank of Canada is looking for motivated individuals who want to grow within the company. Talk about how this position will help you achieve your goals! The interviewer would like to be assured that you can professionally handle customer complaints. Example #1: "I am passionate about the field of finance and accounting, mixed with an unwavering passion for quality customer service. Give an example of a time you helped resolve a customer's issue. The banking industry allows me to tap into both areas and have a lot of fun making positive customer experiences along the way." Example #2: "Careers in banking run in my family! Example #1: "A customer called me very frustrated about an issue with their bank account. I asked more questions to understand the problem and then suggested once I had a better idea of what might solve it. My mother was a banker and my father, a financial advisor when I was growing up. The customer was very relieved and grateful that I took the time to listen and make sense of the issue. I plan to provide consistent customer service in the same way when I work for Royal Bank of Canada." Example #2: "Each customer complaint is unique; however, I have been trained to handle them all with the same method. Tell me about a time when you worked in a high-pressure situation. Listen, be empathetic, and use phrases such as 'If I understand your concern...' and repeat their words back to them. While working at Royal Bank of Canada you might find yourself stressed by customers or the fast pace of the work environment. Think of a time where you produced your best work under pressure to showcase how you shine under high-pressure situations. Example #1: "When I was working as an administrator at a financial firm, I worked in a very high-pressure environment. There was one case that was highly sensitive and required me to pay extra attention to detail. I had limited time to prepare the paperwork, but I was still able to support the lawyer and the client, by staying calm and carefully providing everything they needed. I asked questions to clarify the deadlines that needed to be met and set daily goals to meet them." Example #2: "Almost every day in my banking career has been filled with high-pressure situations. When I am faced with a stressful situation, I remind myself to slow down, breathe, and assess the situation before jumping in with both feet. Customers seem always to appreciate my calm and methodical approach."19. The interviewer wants to hear that you are detail oriented when it comes to checking your work. Explain the steps you take to eliminate minor mistakes and ensure your customer transactions and paperwork are accurate. Example #1: "I take pride in any work with my name attached to it and therefore, always review my work before I submit it. Whether I am typing an email or handling cash, I always check my work twice and sometimes even ask a co-worker to review it first. Being detail oriented and thorough are two of my greatest skill sets." Example #2: "I proof my work before sending it out, and I double check everything. I'll use a calculator when necessary, and ask for help if I am unsure of my own accuracy."20. What is the greatest challenge you have faced in your career so far? Consider sharing a professional challenge or a situation you overcame in school. Royal Bank of Canada wants to hear about the situation and the action you took. Give an example that demonstrates your perseverance and proactive approach to facing a challenge or conflict. Example #1: "When I was working for my last company, we had a drastic shift in leadership that required the organization to adapt quickly to new ways of doing things. This required me to tap into my ability to lead change management for my work and my team. To make this process smoother, I scheduled frequent updates with my team, peers, and leadership to ensure all deliverables were being met on time and the transition to new processes was being handled with the utmost professionalism not to impact the level of service our clients received. It was a great learning experience for me and the entire organization." Example #2: "The greatest challenge I have faced in my career was the culture of nepotism in my previous position. It is very challenging to overcome morality based difficulties in the workplace while maintaining a positive attitude and keeping motivated. I overcame these feelings by getting to know my co-workers on a more personal level. Making strong connections with others, who were facing the same difficulties as I was, was very helpful."21. How do you work in environments with people who are different from you? The banking industry thrives on team players with communication and listening skills who can help build internal and customer relations with individuals of diverse backgrounds. Give an example of how you led a team, or collaborated with a group for a school project, to show Royal Bank of Canada that you are perceptive and sensitive to the needs of others. Example #1: "I have worked with people from all backgrounds and personalities. Whenever I join a new team, I make a point to get to know each person and find ways we can connect. I'm outgoing and friendly with everyone I meet while respecting their different styles and any open ideas they may bring to the team." Example #2: "Diversity is all around us, whether it be at work or home. I treat everyone equally and give everyone the respect and positive attitude that I would expect to receive from them."22. Describe a difficult problem and how you approached it. Interviewers at Royal Bank of Canada like to see employees coming up with creative solutions. Problem-solving skills are highly regarded within the banking industry. Use an example that explains the complexity of the situation. You can also use the job description as a guide for some of the challenges you could encounter in this new role. Try to keep it relevant and relatable to the position. Example #1: "I took a client call that had a history of poor customer experiences with the organization. One after another, the customer was left frustrated on our banking processes and voiced their concerns in a manner that was unpleasant. I took the initiative to listen and understand their frustrations, then partnered with the different departments in the company to resolve the concerns and save the customer relationship." Example #2: "While attending university, I was assigned a group project with a group of less than motivated individuals. My grades and performance were significant to me, so I approached the group with a leadership and mentorship mentality. I uncovered what motivated everyone on the team and took the initiative where others would not."23. The interviewer at Royal Bank of Canada wants to learn more about how your educational or professional background led you to apply for this position. Share what you are most looking forward to about the role and how it relates to your previous experience or future goals. Example #1: "I enjoy problem-solving and helping people. I worked as a customer service representative in a call center for Wells Fargo when I was in college, and the experience motivated me to learn more about how to help my clients by understanding more about investing, saving, and using banking services to meet their needs. I think working as a personal banker will give me a great foundation to start my career within the banking industry." Example #2: "It is both the job description and the idea of working for Royal Bank of Canada that has piqued my interest. This role offers the growth and advancement that I have desired for some time now. I especially like that in this position, I would be responsible for A, B, and C. I am ready for those responsibilities in my next position."24. How do you respond to problems that require a quick solution? You may experience a variety of issues related to customers or technical issues while working in the banking industry. Give an example that demonstrates your confidence and your strength as a decision maker and a problem-solver. Example #1: "I can think quickly and can do mental math, problem-solve, and mention other products and services to offer the customers. In the case of an urgent matter, I trust my instincts and can quickly evaluate situations to recognize the next steps and act accordingly. I feel secure in my ability to think and act quickly while I'm working in ABC position for Royal Bank of Canada." Example #2: "When faced with a situation where a quick solution is required, I will rely on my training, my memory, and my instincts. Royal Bank of Canada wants to hear what excites you and keeps you motivated in a co-working relationship with your boss. I am confident in my ability to find a solution to last minute, or unexpected, problems."25. They are interested in your values and want to hear about your experience developing relationships with managers. Example #1: "I love my current boss because she leads with a collaborative and team-oriented style. We have regular team huddles to provide ongoing communication about process changes or upcoming events." Example #2: "My favorite manager was my very first manager when I worked at Company X. She was attentive and spent a lot of time mentoring me. Be sure to tie your answer into the success that you plan to bring to this particular position, should you be offered the role with Royal Bank of Canada. I feel that many of my positive work-based skills and qualities are because of how she interacted with and trained me."26. Example #1: "I define success through my ability to reach the goals that are set out for me. On a personal level, the things I wish to achieve in my life. On a work level, the targets that are set out for me as well as the professional development that I seek." Example #2: "For me, success is achieved when I can be proud of what I have accomplished in the day, and can also be proud of the attitude that I kept while meeting those accomplishments."27. Tell me about a time when you showed integrity in your work. Integrity is best displayed through honesty and consistent moral values. The banking industry relies on employees who are trustworthy and reliable. Give an example that shows how you have demonstrated these qualities in the past. Example #1: "In my last position, I was responsible for the cash deposit on a daily basis. There was never a discrepancy, in the four years that I worked there. I have proven myself reliable through my consistency, always showing up on time, meeting deadlines, and keeping my word." Example #2: "I show integrity in my work in everything that I do. It's important to me that my employer and colleagues see me as trustworthy, with a strong moral compass."28. If you are a recent college graduate or starting a new career, you may or may not know where you'd like to be in five years. Royal Bank of Canada wants to see that you think about the future and are actively working towards your goals. Better yet, they want to know how working for them will help you accomplish your goals! Share how this job will help you get one step closer to achieving your goals. Example #1: "I plan to continue working in the banking industry as a branch manager, working my way up through attending training and participating in your leadership development program. I am excited to start out in ABC position because I am confident that it will help me achieve my goal and broaden my skill set." Example #2: "Being in a leadership role is important to me, so I plan to be working in a management based position at Royal Bank of Canada in the future. I will achieve this through continued education and leadership training while also proving my value to you through my everyday work ethic." A Bank Teller is typically the face of a bank as they handle transactions for the bank's majority of customers. Bank's want to hire positive and customer service friendly candidates when filling their ... A financial analyst is responsible for researching the financial health of a business and making recommendations to their clients on how they can improve their current financial strength while minimizing ... As a Loan Processor, you will work with the underwriters and the loan officer. A loan processor will analyze data and assist loan officers with loan approvals. Financial managers are responsible for the financial health of an organization. They produce financial reports, direct investment activities, and develop strategies and plans for the long-term financial ... They use their knowledge of investing to help people make the right investment choices depending on their current finances and their long term financial goals. A Mortgage Banker Assistant will speak to customers about the loan options available from their bank. A Mortgage Banker Assistant may also be asked to help lead the branch team by providing them with education ... Our interview questions are created by writers, almost all of which, have a long history of recruiting and interviewing candidates. They do not necessarily have experience interviewing or working with companies, careers, or schools, in which they may write for on Mock We do, however, strive to match their background and expertise with the appropriate question sets found on our website. Our careers, companies, industries, and schools may have duplicate interview questions and answers found elsewhere on our website. Specifically, our companies and our graduate school interviews. For these two, we use the industry in which we believe the company most well-represents and the graduate programs, as the basis for the interview questions and answers that generate for each company or school. The intent of Mock is for our users to build confidence for their job interview, by using our thousands of interview questions and answers as they practice and prepare for their interview. 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Live chat with Royal Bank of Canada by following these instructions. For better talking points and tips, be sure to tell us what kind of issue you are trying to message with Royal Bank of Canada about. This is the best way to live chat with Royal Bank of Canada because 4,638 customers have used it over the last 18 months to reach customer service and told us about it. Live chat is an excellent way to quickly get a human agent to talk to about your customer service problem and the wait times are usually shorter than they are for phone-based support. But sometimes chatting is inconvenient or not preferred, in which case Royal Bank of Canada usually prefer to call their phone number, which we provide a link to above. The department that mans the chat windows at are used to handling Setup an account, Question, Complaint and other customer service issues. When you chat with Royal Bank of Canada agents, they are most likely chatting with you from their call center located in Southlake, TX or Mexico. Live chat is rarely available 24/7, and this department is open 24 hours, 7 days. It's hard to tell if companies like Royal Bank of Canada offer customer care over live chat, so we started compiling this information and best alternatives from customers like you. Please keep sharing what you know about contacting Royal Bank of Canada with Get Human and keep sharing with others so we can together make customer service less frustrating. While Royal Bank of Canada does offer live chat as a way to get help, they also have a phone number. In total, there are 3 ways to get in touch with them. The best phone number for Royal Bank of Canada is their 800-769-2511 customer service phone number, and you can get the details and use our free call-back service by finding the link for it above and clicking it. Know any other ways to contact Royal Bank of Canada? Please let us know so we can keep sharing the best possible information with other customers. Get Human and Royal Bank of Canada have no relationship whatsoever. Get Human has been a forum for customers to share tips with each other since the early 2000s and continues to be a resources to over 50 million US customers per year, as well as consumers around the globe. Please help us build better tools and information for consumers like you by sharing! “We remain committed to building solutions that provide customers with an exceptional and secure experience that’s available when, how and where it’s most convenient for them.” The J. Power study measures overall customer satisfaction through a combination of categories, ranging from products and fees, to convenience and advice. Power consumer study ranks RBC #1 for third straight year TORONTO, May 7, 2018 - RBC is proud to be recognized with the J. Power award for ‘Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among the Big Five Retail Banks’. “We’re extremely grateful to our customers across Canada for expressing their ongoing satisfaction with RBC’s service and advice,” said Neil Mc Laughlin, Group Head, Personal and Commercial Banking. Power’s 2018 Canadian Retail Banking Study, drawing upon direct feedback from thousands of consumers. RBC demonstrated high scores in Communication and Advice, Account Opening, while standing out with the highest percentage of mobile customers. “I’d like to like to thank our employees for continuing to put our clients first,” added Mr. “Across our offices, branches, and advice centres, it’s clear we have the right people engaged to strengthen our customer relationships. All of our employees had a hand in earning this award.” About RBC Royal Bank of Canada is a global financial institution with a purpose-driven, principles-led approach to delivering leading performance. Our success comes from the 81,000 employees who bring our vision, values and strategy to life so we can help our clients thrive and communities prosper. Learn more at ‎ We are proud to support a broad range of community initiatives through donations, community investments and employee volunteer activities. As Canada’s biggest bank, and one of the largest in the world based on market capitalization, we have a diversified business model with a focus on innovation and providing exceptional experiences to our 16 million clients in Canada, the U. Royal bank of canada customer service rbc mcphillips Help your business reach its full potential with specialized support and guidance from industry specialists at RBC Royal Bank. We offer customized advice for every stage of your business. Royal Bank of Canada also goes by or is associated with the names RBC. They are considered to be part of the following sectors and industries financial, services. Royal Bank of Canada is associated with terms like public company by their customers and industry analysts. Service Address; RBC Royal Bank Royal Bank of Canada RBC WaterPark Place, 16th floor 88 Queens Quay West Toronto, ON, M5J 0B8 RBC Direct Investing RBC Direct Investing Inc. Royal Bank Plaza 200 Bay Street, North Tower, P. O. Box 75 We’re taking added precautions to keep our clients and employees safe during the COVID-19 outbreak. We also recognize that now more than ever, clients turn to us for advice and support.